Where Do We Go From Here?

“If we lose freedom here, there’s nowhere else to escape to.” – Ronald Reagan.

I have generally remained quiet on political issues out of my respect for people who have different opinions than mine, because I know that everyone’s circumstance has given them justifications for their ideals and life is hard enough without contentious debate and uncomfortable conversations about the difficulties in the daily lives we all live.

To those of you who read this and know me personally, you should realize that there’s not an ounce of hatred in my heart for anyone who doesn’t share my opinion. I’ve never – and will never – turn my back on a friend in need if I can provide help. I’m believe that there is any reason for black rights, gay rights, women’s rights, etc. because I see no reason anyone should ever be treated differently based on anything other than the person that they are, the quality of their character. I don’t separate my friends into groups, and I never will. I will fight alongside my friends and family of all color and creed and orientation as long as you stand for something other than pillaging those who have built themselves up from nothing in order to provide the best they can for those who they love. Those of you know me, know that.

While I have the utmost respect for my friends and family who choose a different path, I have a difficult time recognizing the country that I grew up loving, the country that I grew up believing was the shining light on the hill for the rest of the world. Rather, we’ve chosen to head further down the path to the desolation recently experienced in Spain or Greece under the guise of “the greater good.”

"Occupy Wall Street Sign"

Is the American dream dead?

What is the value of the “greater good” when it does nothing but provide for those in power? Has any government or ruling class in the history of civilization truly conceded power to the governed? No. Each and every government has one goal in mind: self-preservation and growth. No government has ever willfully shrunk itself or limited its own authorities, but rather has strived to gain more and more power as it taxes people into submission. Yet we, as the greatest country this world has ever seen, has willfully handed over our authority to those who have never fulfilled a single promise made.

We’ve handed significant portions of our economy to a government that has proven it can’t deliver mail, yet alone provide health care. We’ve seen private business after private business excel in any field the government itself has failed. We’ve re-chosen to have taxes on middle class families get substantially increased not once, but twice over the next two years while jobs and incomes sink. Yet, we’ve given the keys to our homes to the thieves who rob us blind, all in the name of the “greater good.”

What we’ve chosen is to accept nearly 20% of our population being on the government teet, a number that’s sure to rise as benefits for those who refuse to work see no cutbacks and those who do work fail to see the benefit of their energy’s expenditure. What we’ve chosen is to accept a man who has increased our federal deficit in four years by 60-percent of the total accumulated by every other president in the history of our great nation combined. What we’ve done is to accept the notion that while only 53-percent of the populace pays federal income taxes, and that 1-percent of the population pays 40-percent of all income taxes; they need to do more out of some ill-contrived notion of good and decency for the very people who want nothing more than their demise! We’ve acknowledged and accepted record unemployment and poverty as a means to a socialist utopia end that has never, ever worked on any country that is bigger than our smallest states.

We’ve handed power to those who have done nothing but sat back and demanded more of the fruits of someone else’s labor. No matter your political stripe, no matter what ideals motivate you on a daily basis to wake up and go to work; surely none of you can suggest that it’s a matter of civil or social rights to take from those who have and give to those who have not. There has never been a greater charitable nation in the history of the world than the United States of America, and to give has been an honor, a choice made by millions who wish to extend a hand to those in need. Mitt Romney, the evil warmonger, the “vulture capitalist” that he is, gave nearly one-quarter of his own income a year ago to charity. He did it not because he was forced to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Compulsory charity is not charity at all, it’s thievery on a governmental scale. It’s immorality legislated and cheered for by those who stand to gain from the fruits of someone else’s labor. Our country, founded on the concept of equal opportunity – not guaranteed outcomes – has moved from “to each according to his ability” to “from each according to his abilities, to each according to their needs,” and it’s shameful, sad and disheartening. We’re engaged in a battle of “freedom versus free stuff,” and unfortunately it’s a battle that can’t be won when those who receive off of the work of others get to decide when to stop. They will never stop, and the government, ever too eager to further expand and reach their tentacles into the fabric of our lives.

What we’ve seen is a media so complicit and so involved in the spread of propaganda that the murders of American citizens at home and abroad – including terrorist attacks on Ft. Hood and the consulate in Benghazi, as well as failed – not spoiled – terror plots (Christmas day bomber) marginalized and ignored while a filmmaker sits in prison as some sort of sacrificial lamb to appease the extremists who seek nothing more than the destruction of America; not just our ideals and beliefs – but our people. We’ve witnessed as minorities vote almost exclusively along party and racial lines (Ex 1. and Ex. 2) – except in the case of those who have don’t have “D” next to their name (Ex. 1 and Ex. 2), even though they share more of their beliefs on hot-button topics with the conservative candidate. They will cry racism if you disagree with their candidate, even though Martin Luther King, Jr. who fought the hardest for their civil equality, was likely a republican; and it was a republican Lincoln who brought the country to war fighting for their freedom. After nearly five decades of being fed bologna sandwiches, at what point does it become prudent to readjust and reconsider who really has your best interest at heart? Do you just decide “I’m only going to ever eat bologna, so I better make damn sure that no one takes it away?” I’m attempting to keep this rant as secular as possible in order to prevent and reader from mistaking my own beliefs as some biblically founded, right-wing manifesto (not that biblical angles don’t have relevancy here, because they certainly do), but the old “teach a man to fish” parable has a great deal of power to it, and yet we live in a country being further and further derailed by those who refuse the fishing pole in lieu of a filet today; trading in their very souls for a sole, as it were.

Uncle Sam is watching  you

It’s not you against me.

The issues are so complex, the ideals so convoluted that it’s impossible for either side to truly make sense of their beliefs. The “right,” the “left,” the extremists on both sides; all of them equally hypocritical and without regard for the very ideals they espouse! Conservatives that clamor for the government to stay out their personal lives and to remove itself from decisions they have no right to a part of insist that the government deny the rights of others to marry as they see fit. Liberals who stand so firmly on the side of “freedom to do with their body as they see fit,” celebrating the murder of unborn babies and using harmful drugs recreationally, but hoot and holler if someone wants to drink more than 20oz of soda or eat a delicious double-cheeseburger. There is no freedom, or there is all freedom. Both sides want it both ways, and the government is way to eager to provide it under the pretense that it’s trying to appease the masses, but in reality is rooting for the mutual destruction that comes from people dividing themselves as the governments around the world unite.

We live in a world so blinded by style over substance, so consumed with pomp and circumstance that we’ve lost a key thought: we create our own circumstances, we do not rely on big brother to buoy us. We rely on him to keep the waters safe so that can learn to swim, so that we can teach others to swim. Some, it seem, would like to celebrate their own drowning as long it took down someone else who was swimming comfortably. Not me. I’ve never seen the success of others or the happiness of others as anything but motivation to make myself more successful, to make my life, and the life of those who I love and live for, happier.

We, as a country, have had it too good for too long, and perhaps therein, as they say – lays the rub – because without struggle we’ve forgotten what so many have fought, and continue to fight, for. Perhaps this country is heading down a path that it rightfully deserves as it’s forsaken everything that once made it great. I try not to be a cynic, but to look around and see what’s become of the cities and towns that were once so great and full of promise and see what they’ve become, you’d have to be an unmitigated sadomasochist to believe it’s moving in a “better” direction, to think this is “forward.”

This is not a matter of social consciousness, or social justice. This is a matter of realizing that when you’re in a hole, you stop digging; and yet we’ve allowed ourselves to keep handing more and more shovels to the very people who will heap the dirt upon our heads as they stamp their feet upon our freedoms in the name of justice and security.

My friends are my family, whether we agree or disagree and I hope that isn’t lost on any of you as you read this. If you choose to take up arms against me as I choose to take up fighting for what I know is right, then so be it. I’ll wish you the best as I take a stand on principle and logic.


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